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Sports Medicine Compounding Solutions for Athletes

Regular athletic activity can lead to injury, pain and infection if individuals are not taking proper care of their bodies. Thankfully, our sports medicine compounding services can make this task much easier to manage. Our compounding professionals ensure that each patient has the right medication, dose and delivery method needed to sustain their high-impact lifestyle.

Our sports medication compounding services include:

  • Custom sports medicine doses
  • Topical pain relievers and anti-inflammatories
  • Combined sports medicine doses
  • Compounded antifungal medications
  • And more…

Unique Benefits of Sports Pharmacy Compounding

Why work with a compounding pharmacy rather than purchase medication from a standard pharmacy? Compounding pharmacies like ours offer services that are particularly helpful for athletes and aren’t offered at most chain drug stores.

The following are just a few of the key advantages of working with a compounding sports pharmacy when your body needs extra help staying healthy.

Recovery from Multiple Symptoms

It’s not uncommon for an athlete to be suffering from more than one performance-related injury at once. In cases like these, the athlete may need to take multiple medications simultaneously in order to manage his or her symptoms and promote the healing process. Mixing medications daily is time-consuming and can even be harmful if the athlete doesn’t take the right doses.

Instead of scrambling to organize their medication, athletes can have their entire regimen of pills and capsules compounded into a single dose. Taking the right medication at the right time is simple when all of the correct amounts are combined in a single gel cap.

Precision when Managing Doses

Sports doctors commonly instruct their patients to taper off the amount of medication they take as their symptoms improve. This is especially relevant for patients managing pain from an injury, as taking more painkillers than necessary can result in adverse health reactions.

When athletes are instructed to taper down their dosage, there’s no need to eyeball the amount. Patients can have doses adjusted accurately at a sports pharmacy that provides compounding services. By taking this approach, patients can limit the risks associated with using addictive substances to manage pain.

Advantages over Oral Medications

The most familiar painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications are typically administered as pills or gel capsules. While oral painkillers are perfectly fine for a long list of health issues, there are many times where an athlete may prefer an alternative.

A sports pharmacy that offers compounding services would have no trouble providing patients with access to topical healing creams and gels. Topical painkillers:

  • Can be applied directly to the site of the injury
  • Reduce impact on the body’s metabolism
  • Are suitable when injuries make swallowing pills difficult

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Learn More About Our Topical Pain Relief Gels

Sports medicine compounding services help athletes to take their medications consistently and correctly, ensuring a speedy recovery. Click below to learn more about the topical pain relief solutions we offer to our customers.

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Interested in learning even more about our sports medicine compounding services? You can reach us by phone at (855) 277-2488 or visit our informative FAQ for more answers. Our sports pharmacists are standing by and waiting to answer your questions.